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    Curves Complete Weight Loss Centers

  • Curves Complete Solution to Weight Loss

    TiffanyNew in 2013, Curves is “all-in” on Curves Complete, the complete solution to weight-loss that focuses on the long-term and not just dieting.  You probably noticed all the diet program commercials right after the Christmas holiday.  You know, the commercials with famous people claiming they lost all the weight with xyz program and “it’s easy as just eating!”  While it may be true people can lose weight with just diet, Curves is the only plan that offers a truly long-term weight-loss solution that focuses on your fitness and dietary habits, while providing one-on-one coaching all the way to your SUCCESS!

    Diet & Meal Planning

    Over the last year, Curves has developed a highly nutritious meal planning menu and guide that is completely customizable to your tastes and needs.  Our plan not only provides the diet guideline, but we show you how to cook and prepare the meals too.  We also offer a convenient website for you to keep track of your progress, meals, and recipes for LIFE!  That’s right, even if you discontinue your Curves membership, you’ll still have full access to the Curves Complete website.  This is the only comprehensive plan that helps you get started and stays with you for as long as you need.

    Exercise & Fitness

    Curves is known worldwide for its fitness centers for women and the best 30-minute workout anywhere.  With Curves Complete, you get full access to all the fitness programs at your local Curves.  Why is this important?  Because when you combine our famous Curves Circuit Training along with our Curves Complete meal plan, you get a super-charged weight-loss program that will make you feel vibrant and healthy.


    Lots of women start a diet at the beginning of each year, but find it very difficult to stay on the diet.  That’s why at Curves, we have one-on-one coaching for every Curves Complete member.  Our Curves Coaches are certified by the Cleveland Clinic, one of the most recognized hospitals in the nation.  Curves International & the Cleveland Clinic have jointly developed a Certification program specifically for Curves Coaches that focuses on Embracing Life, Nutrition, and Exercise.

    For more information about Curves Complete or Curves, please contact your local curves today.

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