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    Curves Complete Weight Loss Centers

  • Moods and Foods

    imageHave you ever noticed how your moods change after a meal or an in-between snack?  After eating, you feel different sometimes, like you are tired or maybe just feeling lazy.  Or worse, you feel sick and you find yourself in the bathroom every 10 minutes.

    For many of us, food can be like clothing, you need to find the right fit, because we’re all different. And it may not be just the food that’s making you feed bad, but what’s in the foods. For example, many packaged foods have food coloring, preservatives, and chemicals added for taste. You might be either amazed or mortified by what companies put in your food to make it taste better or reduce the cost of the ingredients. Pay close attention to the ingredients and keep track of how you feel after eating something. See a nutritionist if you’re really having problems. They can help you identify the foods & additives you should stay away from.

    Whether you’re working with a nutritionist or doing it on your own, Curves Complete is the perfect weight loss program, because its custom made just for you. But we don’t stop at just meal planning. Curves Complete is “complete,” because we also include the Curves Fitness program with cardio and strength training, AND a personal trainer that will keep you on track toward your goals.

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