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    The Curves Resolution

    Did you make a resolution back on January 1st to lose weight, lead a healthier lifestyle, or just start eating better?  If you did, you are in good company, as 45% of all Americans make some kind of New Year’s resolution each year, according to a new study by the the University of Scranton, PA.  […]

    ALL NEW – Cutting-Edge Workouts with Jillian

    New Year…New Goals!  At Curves, our goal is to help you get stronger, healthier, and the happiest you’ve ever been.  We’re starting on that journey with you by offering brand new cutting-edge workouts with Jillian Michaels.  So, you might be wondering, “what’s new about the Curves workouts?” It’s all designed around our famous 30-mintue Curves […]

    The Power of Green

    I remember when I was a kid how I used to hate anything green my Mom would put in front of me at the dinner table. Broccoli, spinach, asparagus, green beans, or pretty much any vegetable for that matter. Back then, and I’m not going to mention any dates, no one could offer a good […]

    High Fructose Corn Syrup

    By now, almost everyone knows that this ingredient is highly common in sugary drinks, but is also in just about all processed foods and beverages in your grocery store. And most people know its not a good thing if your trying to lose weight. But what exactly is this stuff and what does it do […]

    Moods and Foods

    Have you ever noticed how your moods change after a meal or an in-between snack?  After eating, you feel different sometimes, like you are tired or maybe just feeling lazy.  Or worse, you feel sick and you find yourself in the bathroom every 10 minutes. For many of us, food can be like clothing, you […]

    Curves Complete Solution to Weight Loss

    New in 2013, Curves is “all-in” on Curves Complete, the complete solution to weight-loss that focuses on the long-term and not just dieting.  You probably noticed all the diet program commercials right after the Christmas holiday.  You know, the commercials with famous people claiming they lost all the weight with xyz program and “it’s easy […]

    Oh NO!!! The backyard cookout…

    We only have a few more weeks left of Summer, so get ready for all the backyard cookouts and parties that are undoubtedly coming.  Cheeseburgers, hotdogs, potato salad, cold slaw, and desserts, oh my!  It’s a great time of the year with all the sun and LACK of RAIN, but it can certainly test your […]

    Benefits of Physical Activity

    It’s nothing new.  Advice to exercise and watch what you eat can reduce weight, but did you know that by doing so there is also strong evidence you can lower your risk for many health conditions.  Here are some that most concern women: Heart disease Stroke High blood pressure Unhealthy cholesterol levels Type 2 diabetes […]

    First Annual National Curves Day

    National Women’s Health Week is May 14 – May 19, 2012 Did you know that Curves International is working in partnership with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health to help observe National Women’s Health Week?  This is all about empowering women to make their health a top priority in […]

    Heart + Muscle + Mind

    You’ve probably heard the phrase “mind over matter,” as some folks say in reference to working through pain to get more gain. But, it doesn’t have to be painful to get where you want to go with your fitness. At Curves, we like to take a different approach, with the focus being on your “heart, […]