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    Healthy recipes from Diane Magazine

    The Power of Green

    I remember when I was a kid how I used to hate anything green my Mom would put in front of me at the dinner table. Broccoli, spinach, asparagus, green beans, or pretty much any vegetable for that matter. Back then, and I’m not going to mention any dates, no one could offer a good […]

    Black Bean Brownie Pie

    Before my career at Curves, I was in the food business, starting out as a fry cook at A&W when I was in college, and finally ending with owning a catering/private chef business in Seattle. I am always interested in new and exciting trends in food and was recently introduced to Black Bean Brownies. I […]

    Super Food for Spring

      As the temperature rises and the Sun starts making some more and much anticipated appearances, we all are excited to get into some lighter clothing.  If you’ve been working hard over the winter to get your body in shape for those lighter clothes and swimming attire, then here’s a good start for a low […]